Training Leaders

MEEM TECH is built on the principles of making quality products and providing reliable service. In this modern day, need for information & knowledge transcends physical boundaries & cultural barriers. Computer based training and course allows you to sharpen your IT skills or prepare for specific IT certification examinations simply by using your computer – according to your own training schedule. MEEM TECH presents training program in a format that will enable working professionals to participate in such learning programs & enhance thereby their career prospects. Our distance learning courses leverage online technologies and multimedia to bring USIP courses to the widest possible community of peace building practitioners.


At MeeM Tech Training sessions are conducted by real-time Instructor with real-time Examples. These computer training features comprises of certified instructors conducting in-depth training sessions and providing you with the expert guidance that you need to keep your technology skills current. Our technical trainers are

Our technical trainers are

  • Professionally Qualified
  • Well Experienced / Certified
  • Proven Training Track Record
  • Both Theory & Project Expertise

MEEM TECH offers training in a format that allows trainees to experience familiar interaction of Class-room training by not being available in the same room. Uses the computer based training at your own pace and receives top-notch instruction without ever going to an actual training class. At an agreed time & date the trainer & the trainees get connected to web based Meeting Center. Through this meeting center, the trainer can share his presentations, present demos on the tools share his desktop in allowing the participants to have a feel of the tools while simultaneously engaged in explanation of the concepts. Trainer's voice & video can be clearly felt by the trainees. Trainees may raise their doubts, any point of time, and the trainer may respond by suitably clarifying them.